The Silver Surfer includes a custom-made glass knob. You also get a custom glass heater cover that can be customized with your choice of color. The wand itself has some color and some design. In that sense, I think it’s almost more advantageous to have standard glass, like I do with my Silver Surfer. You just need to hold your wand up towards the heating element. In between draws, you take it off the heating element and then you just set it down.

Vapor market offers portable vaporizers and vaporizers. You can also opt for a lifetime or 10-year warranty, which is an additional cost. Da Buddha Vaporizers come in a nice, plush Hemp case that is filled with lots of padding. It could survive if it was dropped in its bag. The case can also be used as a portable pillow for the park, or any other place.

This can be especially annoying when turning it on for the first time and trying to find the right vape temperature for your bud, keef or whatever. You might not be able to determine the exact temperature, but Da Buddha Vaporizer achieves an optimal vape temperature. Like the SSV, the DBV is very easy to repair, adjust, and tweak. It’s possible to order individual parts in case of future repairs., a new online destination for brand-name accessories and gear for smoking, is dedicated to offering the best prices, selection, quality, and overall experience that you will find online. The main difference between them comes down to the price, with Da Buddha selling for about a third the cost of the Classic Volcano. Da Buddha is great to serve larger groups. No need for reheating, just pass the mouthpiece. @vapefiend I’m interested in a desk top whip and am interested the Da Buddha or Silver Surfer. But I have a few queries. It is built tough and will last for years. Da Buddha controls are not digital and there is no second, more expensive digital model as one sees with the Volcano.

Da Buddha (DBV), is the answer to those who are strapped and looking for a sturdy piece. Da Buddha Vaporizers were made by the same people who make the amazing SSV Silver Surfer Vaporizer, which works exactly the same as Da Buddha. Da Buddha uses plain clear glass parts versus the handblown colored parts found on the Silver Surfer. It’s also much more affordable and offers great value. Does Leidinn Group Pty Ltd have access to the information it receives from them?

It was created in response to the 7th Floor Vapes Silver Surfer being such a hit. This is the sequel product to the Silver Surfer. It is cheaper than the Silver Surfer but it is still durable and easy to use. It also provides clean and flavorful hits. Each Buddha is tested and assembled in Colorado Springs before being shipped to customers around the globe. The padded storage bag for the desktop vaporizer is made from a durable mix of hemp and polyester called “hempster” to allow users to feel safe transporting it if needed. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer has been praised by many as one of the best vaporizers ever. It boasts many unique features and benefits that are unmatched by other models. With this innovative desktop vaporizer, you can enjoy your favorite aromatic herbal blends or even vape dry herb.

The company was founded in 2002. It is known for making high quality vapes at an affordable price. All vaporizers are custom-made in house. 7th Floor vaporizers feature glass construction, which helps to reduce the risk of vaporizing. ensure a pure vaping experience.

To remove any manufacturing oils from your heating element and to dry-run the vape, you should run it on high for ten seconds. It warns you that you might burn yourself, or set fire to something, if you’re not careful. Not usually one to read the manual before plugging things in, I felt a little more James Dean-dangerous after doing so and absent-mindedly touching the hot glass while stoned to enhance that experience. When I received Da Buddha from the link-loving folks at, I felt a bit nostalgic because it reminds me of the box-style Vaporbrothers Vaporizer I first owned nearly a decade ago. The Da Buddha vaporizer, a descendant of the Silver Surfer vaper, was introduced to the market in 2008.

These devices are only intended for aromatherapy. Nicotine is addictive and can lead to a habit. It can be inhaled, touched with the skin, or swallowed. You must be at the age of 18 (21 if applicable) to purchase a Vaporizer. By using, you acknowledge and agree to abide by our Terms of Use page before making any purchase on this website. Pure It has a ceramic heating compartment, and the convection heat method is used to heat the vaporizer.

The (ahem…excuse moi )… It’s about the same size as a pint glass and approximately 20cm (8in) high. You can turn the heat on or off with a simple dial called “radio”. CERAMIC HEATING ELEMENT Durable, tested for 10+ Years Extremely fast heat up times Oxidation- and degradation resistant The ceramic heater forms the foundation of all our vapers.

The temperature of the air hitting the herb also depends on the speed at which your inhale. Inhaling slowly can make the vapor stronger, and more smokey. If you inhale quickly, the vapor is lighter with a fresh taste. It could be a little bigger for heavy users, but this would decrease the efficiency, because the herb at the bottom would receive less heat. I find myself reloading my bowl a lot more frequently than I’d prefer, but this vaporizer is small overall, so this is tolerable. Da Buddha Vaporizer makes a great desktop vape.

This would not be good for me because I want to use it handsfree. Customers can make custom orders online at 7th Floor. The base price is $190. You can also choose to add additional features such as a vaper tamer, which brings down the vaper temperature before it reaches your lips. The tamer encases a coiled vapour pathway and takes it on a journey where it loses a lot. Most of these information is provided when you search, bid, post or participate in a contest, questionnaire, or communicate to customer service.

Each draw we take cools down the convection area. We do this by moving a lot of the hot vapor towards the mouthpiece. This will ultimately remove heat from the chamber. In between draws, it might not be a harm to allow your unit to regain its set temperature before you continue. With the runaway success of the legendary Silver Surfer, now 7th Floor has developed a more affordable desktop vape – without sacrificing the durability, ease-of-use and great flavor of the Silver Surfer. There are a few drawbacks to Da Buddha vaporizer. The biggest problem is the awkward angle you insert the whip in. To heat your material horizontally, you need to turn it horizontally.

Are you still unsure about which vaporizer to buy? Do you need help in finding the right vaporizer for your lifestyle? Take a look at Our Vaping Guide to help you find the best vape. With the ever growing features and bells and whistles that we can see technology equipping new vaporizers with, there is still a need for simplicity. This is the space the Da Buddha fills in when it vaporizes stationary space. For some people, simplicity and reliability are more important than fancy features. This vaporizer is the right choice.

We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. The Da Buddha Vaporizer or DBV measures 6.44 inches, 5.44 inch by 5.44 inch and 5.44 in inches in size, and is just 1.55 pounds in mass. The model requires electric power to operate and is available worldwide in three versions. There are three options: a 110 volt model for the U.S. and Canada; a 220 volt model designed to be used in Europe; or a 220 volt model made for Australian outlets. Keep in mind that we may receive a small commission when you click our links and make purchases.

Start at 12 o’clock with the knob in the middle. Then, work your way up and down in one hour turns. The 1-o’clock knob position is good for more dank marijuana, while high noon works great for more delicate or dried cannabis flowers. Turn down the heat. Take 5-6 long hits before calling it quits.

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Foreign and American parts are used in the DBV, it is finished, and tested in the USA with all the quality assurance that implies. You can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product from a company with a proven track record, and that it offers the best warranty. 4) Be careful, DBV is meant to vaporize concentrates. I was a little slow in taking out this vape at times. If you’re not careful, this can cause your vape to overheat and leave you with a burnt taste.

It is important to maintain your unit in a clean and tidy condition, just like with all vaporizers. By neglecting your Da Buddha Vaporizer you are leaving yourself susceptible to less quality vapor with a taste that could be considered unsatisfactory. This is not just a problem with the mentioned vape vaporizer, but a worldwide issue. The 3 year warranty that Da Buddha Vaporizer offers is unbeatable if your vaporizer is kept clean and in good order. Designed and manufactured in the United States, high-strength materials and quality.

to the users own personal experiences, and are not endorsed, reviewed, or necessarily shared by or its affiliates. To purchase a Vaporizer from us, you must be 18 or older. By using, you acknowledge and agree to abide by our Terms of Use page before making any purchase on this website. That last part — the angle of the heating element — is an improvement to me. It wasn’t annoying to be able to dislike it but annoying enough so that you have to curse it every now and again.

Simply turn on the Da Buddha Vape unit and adjust its control knob to your preferred temperature. For best results, we recommend that you set it at the 2 o’clock location. The ceramic heating element glows when it reaches the desired temperature. This usually takes between 2-4 minutes. Grind up your favorite dry herbs then load them into the glass wand and connect the it to the heater cover. The Da Buddha Vaporizer uses hands-free operation, which means that you don’t need to hold onto the heater cover while vaporizing. Simply switch on Da Buddha to adjust the control knob for the temperature you desire.

Every Da Buddha is also made right here in the USA. Ground Glass Connections allow the Da Buddha Vaporizer to be a hands-free unit. It doesn’t require that the user hold the whip in its place. It also has a temperature control system that allows users to adjust the vaporizing temperature as needed. Da Buddha Vaporizers are also unique in their cylindrical design, which optimizes air resistance while providing a natural cooling sensation. The Da Buddha Vaporizer has the best Vaporizers on the market today. 7th Floor Vapes designed this vape for vapers who value the best in dry herb smoking.

A Valid Government issued Identification is required to receive product or pick up in store. These reviews and ratings are based primarily on personal experience, as well as a decade or more of industry experience. This content is based upon the opinion of the Editor/Author. These documents are only intended to be used as a foundation for research and should not be considered as guidance. To get the most objective view possible before buying, we encourage everyone to do thorough research. It is used to clean pipes and bowls, carb caps, and other vape parts.

Its advanced heating technology and delivery technology will ensure vapers are delighted with its powerful hits that pack an intense flavor. This desktop vape vaporizer is sure that it will become the favorite piece in users’ vape collections. 7th Floor is the company that manufactures the Da Buddha vaporizer, as well as a number of other medical weed vaporizer models, like the Silver Surfer, and the Life Saber.

If you need assistance inhaling vapor from a vaporizer because of lung problems, direct-draw devices create too much work. Volcano balloons are easy to use, but they can be expensive (over $500 per kit). Customers of Da Buddha can draw vapor directly into the lungs themselves without any assistance. You can draw vapor by using a whip glass, which can also easily be broken by visiting 7th Floor.

Keep your whip screen clean, and change screens every so often when it gets clogged. Keep dust off of the top, but it shouldn’t be a problem. This ceramic heater has a high power rating and is extremely durable. 7th floor has been running one of these heaters 24/7 since over a decade and it still works. The Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor is powerful, durable and versatile.

I haven’t tested if the herb can actually be burned to the point it becomes glowing red, but I believe it. It is rare that someone would have to use the hottest setting. Users who are looking for maximum efficiency will want their herb stirred every few hits. Da Buddha’s heat doesn’t evenly heat the herb. The bowl’s centre is the most hot, as it is the closest to the heating element. While stirring is not essential, it will ensure you extract the herb well and evenly. If you have a good supply of herb, or like myself you are saving the material for other uses (eg. The stirring is unnecessary and will interrupt the enjoyment of your vapor session.

The 7th Floor Da Buddha vaporizer is one of the most easy to clean and maintain. The vaporizer can be purchased in black or silver. The vape is simple to use and has a glass mouthpiece that prevents any chemical contaminants from entering the vapor. The wand itself is also made from glass, making it easy for you to clean and maintain. Its ceramic heating element makes the Da Buddha vaper a valuable feature. This prevents oxidation, and allows dry herb users the freedom to enjoy their favorite herbs without being exposed to common irritants. It can either be purchased in 110 volts if you are in the US or in 220-volts if you are in Australia or Europe.

It is very affordable

The da buddha is one of the most affordable desktop vaporizers. Its easy design and affordable price make this a great choice if you are just starting to use a vaporizer. It is simple to use and produces safe, high-quality vapor. 7th Floor, a world-renowned manufacturer of dry herb vapers, makes Da Buddha. Its ceramic heating elements and glass wand make this a great choice for anyone searching for a reliable, easy to use vaporizer. The da buddha desktop vaporizer is a high quality, stylish, and easy-to-use desktop vaporizer. To deliver delicious vapor, the vaporizer uses a ceramic heating elements and a glass wand. It also has a long lifespan making it one the most durable vaporizers.

It was designed for Vaporizer connoisseurs looking for the ultimate vaporizing experience. Each unit is constructed using only the best components and materials. This vaporizer uses the same high quality craftsmanship used in the Silver Surfer & Life Saber Vaporizers.