It has been designed to heat up quickly ensuring users don’t wait long periods of time before they can start vaping. The aluminum coating is what keeps the unit’s exterior cool, increasing comfort for the user. 7th floor uses ceramic for the heater, with glass for knobs/wands and knobs, and durable aluminum for outside. Wands are less durable and consumers have found them brittle at times. They can be very tasty if you’re careful. This is simply because of the glass’ natural neutrality.

Most orders are sent across without delay, but border services will randomly pull packages for inspection. For tracking purposes, please wait for it to be released to the United States Postal Service. Canada Post will provide estimates of delivery date and total cost. They are based upon the weight of your order and the distance between our warehouse and your shipping address. The delivery period begins when Canada Post receives your order. It does not start when you place your order. The heater is very powerful, slight learning curve required otherwise the herbs getting burnt.

The best technique and approach can produce thick, white clouds of herb vapor from the vaper. Tubes and mouth pieces can easily be cleaned with glass cleaning solution (420, Orange Stuff) or rubbing alcohol, though the screen will need to be changed once it’s clogged with resin. Although one can buy a bag specifically for the Da Buddha, it is not necessary to transport the vaporizer safely. Each vaporizer comes already packaged with one. You can edit or add information on pages like the My Account pages. We usually keep a copy the previous version of information for our records when you update information.

I would consider this a negative on a list full of pros and cons. However, considering the genius of Da Buddha Vaporizers heating elements as well as their circular hot air flow system, I could ignore it and continue to practice patience. This is done to avoid getting stolen credit cards from being used on our site and innocent people being charged. If you enter a shipping address that is not listed, we will ask you to send us photo identification showing the card holder’s name and the billing address. 3) The heated water then flows from the ceramic covering to the glass rod where your herbs/tobacco are. This is something that some people will care about and some people won’t. It’s not a big deal. This basically means that it is a little more difficult to keep your material flat inside the chamber or inside the wand because it wants just to fall down.

There are pockets in both the interior and exterior, so you can carry all parts and accessories that DBV requires for everyday use. If you are looking for a tabletop vaporizer of high quality, then the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the best choice. It offers the same high-quality experience as whip-style vaporizers. The Da Buddha Vaporizer, which was made in the USA, is a whip-style vape vaporizer. It is the ultimate in vaporization technology. 7th Floor engineers developed the Da Buddha Vaporizer or “DBV”, which is an affordable and efficient way to vaporize dry material.

The statements and products shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These vapes can not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Before using a vaperizer for treatment, it is advisable to consult a licensed doctor.

To get the best results, it is important to replace the stainless steel screens in your vape whip and vape tube every 2 – 3 months. sells extra screens and vape tubes for the Da Buddha Vape. We also have additional parts and accessories for your DBV. You can learn more about the Da Buddha vaporizer by checking out its product page here at

The internal temperature control system for the herbal vaper is adjustable from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to approximately 650° Fahrenheit. The manual knob on the whip allows you to adjust the temperature quickly. Depending on the temperature setting, the 7th Floor Da Buddha will be ready for use in roughly 2 to 4 minutes. The 7th Floor Da Buddha desktop vaporizer is for dry herbs. It is a favourite of many vape lovers, especially those who are looking for more affordable but still high-quality vapes.

The wand attaches to the main unit by a ground glass fitting. It is designed to stay put without any attachment mechanisms, but it does not always stay put. Inadvertently pulling the tube can cause the glass wand to pull out of the unit and make it fall. This might only cause the herb fess up and make a mess.

Although it is useful to understand the process of vaporizing, it can be difficult to use. However, this device can help you easily ignite your herbs. Anyone who likes features like assisted draw with a built in fan or digital display, temperature control by the degree and so… this is not a vaporizer for you. Is there anything more satisfying than vaping with clean, fresh gear? We recommend that the hose of your vaporizer be replaced and that all its parts are cleaned–alongside any water filtration used to ELEV8 your vaping experience -at least once a month. The kit includes the clear wand and easy-change glass screen. It also includes a ceramic heater, a padded bag, three additional screens, and a 3-year limited guarantee. Every item is etched using a fat Buddha, instead of dramatic engravings.

Under $200, there are many vaporizer buying options, but none as well-designed for durability, simplicity and easy every-day use than Da Buddha. This vape is made of coated aluminum and is lightweight and strong. It’s also easy to set up and take apart. There is one more difference between these two, which I haven’t mentioned. It’s not a difference in how they perform or what it’s like. It’s cosmetic.

The Da Buddha delivers great functionality and a lasting vaping experience at an affordable price. Final assembly and testing is performed at the Colorado Springs factory. The Da Buddha Vaporizer is more functional and can be used by all users. It has a ceramic heating element that reduces the risk of combustion and only produces convetive heat.

Even if you have multiple devices, vaporizing costs less than smoking. Da Buddha’s incredible collection of features makes it more than justifiable. Da Buddha, however, is a well-priced unit that is way above its price. Da Buddha could be the perfect vaporizer for you.

It is durable The Da Buddha vaporizer, an American-made vaporizer, is strong, durable, and long-lasting. This vaporizer features a ceramic heating element and glass on-glass components, making it one of the most reliable on the market. The housing is made of aluminium, which keeps it cool and reduces how long it takes to heat up. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the device to make sure that your herbs are at the perfect temperature.

products. The ceramic heater is the foundation of all our vaporizers. It has a silver knob, which is easy to use and has a satisfying on/off click. Because it’s made from thick plastic, the base feels ridged.

Keep your whip screen clean. Keep the dust from getting on the top of the unit. However, it shouldn’t pose a problem. This ceramic heater is powerful and durable. 7th Floor has had one of these heaters running 24/7 for more than a decade now, and it is still going strong. The Da Buddha Vaporizer 7th floor is powerful, durable, versatile and cheap.

Da Buddha uses acrylic and solid Aluminum casings. This is a light-weight and durable construction that is also stylish. The vaporizer allows infinite adjustments, and the temperature can be controlled easily, heating up to 500degF. Da Buddha Vaporizer is a simple vape. Unfortunately, it does not have any safety features. The ceramic heating elements heat up when they are turned on. Because of the body’s cylindrical shape, the element is exposed near the top of the body.

I am a vaporizer enthusiast and am on a mission to test and review as many vaporizers that I can. I’m not going lie, this idiot needed to learn some lessons. Don’t cough in it unless you’re prepared for a duff shotgun. Don’t forget where you have it. Get a soda. This vaporizer is perfect for learning how to vape and will give you better flavor and vapor than most portable vaporizers.

It is evident that the major selling point for Da Buddha vaporizers is its affordable price. But such affordability does not mean anyone could just underestimate its power to produce the most potent flavors for your ultimate vaping experience. If you have more herbs to store, you can use 420 glass jars. Each glass container is equipped with an airtight gasket that will keep the inside materials fresher for a longer time.

Vaporizing is a great way to reduce tar and carcinogens, up to 80%-90% more than smoking. Because combustion is not taking place, you only inhale vapor and not the actual plant. Imagine how much cleaner your lungs will be if you don’t inhale all that burned plant matter. Vaporizers are hard to find at the $100 – 200 range, especially ones that actually work for that amount of money.

Depending on how frequently it is used, the stainless steel screens and whip tubing need to be replaced every 2-3 month. To get rid of any residue or contaminants that may have built up, soak the glass in Orange Chronic or Agent Orange. We recommend unplugging the Da Buddha and putting it away from children when you’re not using it. If you plan to travel with the Da Buddha, we include a padded storage bag with every purchase in order to protect your Da Buddha vaporizer while in transit. Temperature control allows for you to dial up the heat to get your herb to its best. Da Buddha can make the herb almost completely black if it is set at the highest temperature.

You can adjust the temperature by inhaling more quickly or less. The longer you inhale slowly, the more heat is required to reach the heater. Therefore, you will get a bigger latte. Inversely, the latte you get will be smaller the harder that you inhale. If you find that slow inhaling doesn’t heat enough air to vaporize your material quickly, increase the DBV temperature. But, out of these two vapes, the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer, I do think that the Silver Surfer would be the better option if you can afford the few extra bucks. I believe the angled heater cover has a distinct advantage.

Its hands-free function allows you to remove the herbs from in front of the heater between each inhalation (or not) to make the flavors last as long as possible. So, you’ll notice I take about a 10 second draw to get a decent amount of vapor from this vape. This is a good amount of time for whip vapes. This vape features a very simple ceramic heating element in the middle.

Sky High Smoke Shop acknowledges and agrees to our Terms of Use page prior to making any purchase. Each unit comes with a lifetime warranty for the ceramic heating element. The DBV comes equipped with a limited 3-year warranty which covers parts and labour costs against defects or workmanship. Shipping costs and glass parts are not covered under warranty. Vape Store is South Africa’s largest online retailer of tabletop and portable vaporizers. It is also the only authorized 7th Floor retailer. This desktop model is an excellent value for the money considering its low price.

We like to take time to complete small tasks when we are performing secondary quality control. This helps ensure that our customers have a product that is more ready to use. It comes in a padded storage box made of the same Hempster fabric as the standard SSV bag. It can also double up as a transport/carrying bag. The bag is made from hemp and recycled polyester. It has a velvet inner lining that is heavily padded to protect and cradle DBV.

Da Buddha comes in a padded bag made of fabric, which is a nice addition. These bags come in many colors, including red, black, and grey. A stirring pick is also included in the package. It is made of metal and has a glass bead at the end for holding. This is a useful addition that any stoner should have.

You are free to adjust the rate of inhalation. It can also used with the Da Buddha Aroma Top in order to use wax melts and other scented oils. The 7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer comes in a whip design, meaning you draw through a special device called an vaporizer whip. The whip included with the Da Buddha is crafted to enhance the convenience of the entire unit and set it apart from other whip style models on the market. The whip is designed to make it as easy as possible to remove the screens.

It’s a no-fuss, no-bells-and-whistles and no-complications vape. You only need to turn it ON, fill the whip of your ground herbs, attach to the heating element and vape. If you are upgrading from a cheap vaporizer or just starting out, Da Buddha vaporizer is reasonably priced, durable and long-lasting.

The Heater Cover opens for easy access. It also comes with an oil cap that can be used to drop in your concentrates. The titanium cap can be placed on top of the heater cover to complete your kit. This product is not suitable for vaping oils and waxes. It only works with herbs. The knob on the front can be used to adjust temperature. This is one of two The market’s main temperature regulators today.

The Da Buddha vaporizer from 7th Floor is one the easiest to clean. The vaporizer can be purchased in black or silver. This vape is easy to operate and comes with a glass mouthpiece that prevents chemical contaminants from entering the vapor. The glass wand can also be cleaned and maintained easily because it is made from glass. The Da Buddha vaporizer is distinguished by its ceramic heating element. This prevents the oxidation of herbs and allows them to enjoy their favorite herbs with no irritants. It can be bought in 110 volts to be used in the USA, or in 220-volts to be used in Australia and Europe.

It is affordable

The dabuddha vaper is one of our best-selling desktop vaporizers. Its simplicity and low price make it an excellent choice for novice vaporizer users. It is simple to use and produces safe, high-quality vapor. 7th Floor is the leading manufacturer of dry herb-vaporizers, Da Buddha. Its ceramic heating element, and glass wand make it a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a reliable and easy-to-use vaper. The da Buddha vaporizer offers a high-quality desktop vape that is stylish, functional and easy to use. To deliver delicious vapor, the vaporizer uses a ceramic heating elements and a glass wand. It is also durable and has a long life span.

Regardless of which temperature and speed the user prefers, the vape is designed to vaporize dry herbs without combustion. Users don’t need to worry about inhaling burnt substances and leaving behind an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Da Buddha will ensure that they are only They can enjoy their dry herb infusions exactly the way they like.

Place it in the receptacle and then draw the air slowly and steadily from the tube. The front has a control knob that allows you to set the temperature to below 300F or above 400F. It is vital to control the temperature of certain herbs as some herbs can’t withstand lower temperatures. Also, some consumers prefer the taste and are happy to hit lower or higher temperatures.

I believe that the performance of the desktop unit is average or slightly above average. As you watch me vaporize with this, you’ll notice that my first two draws, which you can see me taking, are actual time. I decided to cut the draw after the second, and the third, just so it would be short.