Yocan is a company that looks to the future. They’ve created some unique devices for dry herb vaporization. This is the first and only dry herb vape vaporizer in the world with a built-in grinder. This is the kind of future Yocan customers can expect with their dry herb vape line. More products that combine convenience with ingenuity are a sign of a better world. The lives and health of smokers and their loved ones.

Conduction heating is the heating of dry herbs directly by placing them in contact with a heating element. This heating element is often a “bowl” (or “oven”) that heats dry herbs to high temperatures. Convection is a process that extracts active ingredients from flowers through the flow of air. The bowl remains “cold” while the heat is generated outside of an oven. With each inhale, the active ingredients are vaporized.

At first glance, you might think it’s a normal bong. However, desktop vaporizers (https://www.prlog.org/12957611-vaporizer-chief-reviews-the-top-3-desktop-vaporizers-for-2023.html) this bong has an internal coil that heats up your cannabis. Basically, you are simply vaping your cannabis and filtering the water through a bong. You can inhale delicious and cool vapor. The ideal temperature for absorbing THC is around 157°C. CBD can also be vaporized at around 170°C. CBN should evaporate at around 182°C.

It is portable, but it doesn’t need to be charged often. You can even get a half pack lid for shorter smoking sessions. The only thing we don’t like is that this device doesn’t feature an automatic shut-off timer. The Volcano Classic has a temperature range from 266degF to 446degF, making it more versatile than any other device. However, this vaporizer and its parts are bulky, and it isn’t meant for travel. The latest version connects with a phone app, so you can control each session remotely.