Storz-Bickel has been manufacturing top-of the-line medical grade vaporizers for more than 20 years. They are the world’s most trusted source, leading in performance, value, and reliability. Their first product is the Volcano Vaporizer. It is innovative and truly iconic. A Volcano is synonymous with high-caliber, strong vapor production.

We make vaping easy by providing authentic products and dedicated support. It is easy to set the temperature on all Storz or Bickel devices. There are clearly labeled buttons or knobs which control the temperature. You can adjust the temperature by pressing the buttons or dial. The Crafty model can also be used to control the temperature via Bluetooth. Storz and Bickel devices have a reputation for being precise and sensitive to temperature controls. This allows for an optimal session every single time.

They’ve been as low to 20% in the past, but never at 25%. Check out my full Boost EVO Review for a complete breakdown, plus a full comparison with the Dr. Dabber Switch. I also have a Dr. Dabber Switch Full Review that covers just about everything you need.

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The volcano hybrid vaporizer –, is still the best vaporizer on today’s market. But Volcano Hybrid is slightly better, as it’s a direct upgrade by the same maker. The Classic Volcano is made entirely in Germany, which is a claim that not many vaporizer companies can make.

Volcano Hybrid now takes only 45 seconds to heat up and is ready to draw. I am new to vaping CBD flowers and was just able to find the classic Volcano vaporizer. It can be mounted on the kitchen counter just like any other appliance. I just upgraded to The Volcano Hybrid Christmas and it is a wonderful experience that leaves me with a great feeling of either a cerebral buzzing, or a body lift. It is a remarkable product that provides the optimal aspects in vapor production as well as temperature accuracy.