It produces thick, tasty clouds that seem as fresh as the first draw. It is perfect for those who want to get started with vaping. The vapor this vape produces is average in terms of potency. I believe the taste is average to slightly above average, and the efficiency is quite average.

So we did. We released the Da Buddha Vaporizer in 2006. 7th Floor loyalists loved The Da Buddha instantly. It is based upon the same ceramic heating elements and glass-onglass design as Silver Surfer’s original desktop vape. The glass components were then standardized, eliminating any color options. Yet you can still upgrade to all the wonderful custom glass made by 7th Floor. Final assembly is done at our Colorado Springs factory. The same 3-year warranty applies to the SSV.

Hey Smokebelch, you’re right, they are more or less the same. Da Buddha is made with no custom parts, which makes it much more affordable to make. We have some Da Buddha parts available, such as the whip kit or the essential oils kit in the home vaper parts section. We will continue to add more.

The heating element is located inside a glass heating cover that heats up extremely quickly. It would be dangerous to even touch it out of curiosity. This is a danger that can be posed by many vaporizers, and not a fault of Da Buddha. To vaporize, simply insert the glass brush into the heating cover. Then inhale through your mouthpiece and tubing. An advantage of DBV is that since the glass wand is 5 inches long, you’re able to hold onto it and fill in the tip of the wand without the glass being too hot. Or that it comes with a padded, hemp-hemp carrying case?

Da Buddha Whip has been designed to be durable and easy-to-use. This whip is made out of food grade vinyl and not silicon. Haze Smoke Shop sells vapes and smokes, and offers free shipping for orders above $70. Haze Smoke Shop is an authorized retailer for branded vapes and offers vaporizer parts.

My only gripe is that my heating cover moves side to side. I would prefer it to be stationary, but it is a minor issue. It is easy to use. Simply turn the heater on, set it at the desired temperature, then fill the glass with your aromatic blend and connect it the the heater cover. To ensure optimal functionality, we recommend regular maintenance. You can clean the glass elements by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. The screen and whip can be replaced as necessary to ensure the best possible vaporizing experience. Da Buddha was clearly designed from scratch to provide a superior experience in vaporizing. The quality of construction is superb all throughout, and only the finest materials were used for the individual components, each of which is precision manufactured to the highest standards.

ALL EMT and CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS TO THE HERB CAFE ARE PROCESSED BY TD BANK. We do not use third-party processors. We have a major Canadian bank handling the transactions. We do not keep any payment information on file and cannot charge your card for order adjustments or future purchases.

The ceramic heater has been tested 24/7 for over 10 years. It is the fastest and most durable heater on the market. We are the first company in this industry to offer this type heater. The DBV is essentially a no frills version of the Silver Surfer. It is still a very useful unit that works in the same way. Da Buddha is a whip style vape that can be connected to any number of glass bubblers, rigs, vapor tamers and just pure vapour straight from the whip. The DBV is easy-to-use with just one dial.

Consumers should not confuse vaping with electronic cigarettes. Vaping is completely free of tobacco but not necessarily with nicotine. You can add a vapor-tamer to cool the vapor before it reaches your mouth. A curling tube inside a bulb does the trick and there are two sorts.

The DBV uses an efficient convection system to vaporize plant material. Da Buddha is compatible with other hand-blown glasses accessories offered by the company. Users can buy a hand-blown fatty ground glass wand that they can use with their vaporizers. If they prefer a hand-blown bubbler, the vaporizer can be used with them. The glass mouthpieces as well as wands make the vaporizer easy to clean.

It has a glass to glass air path, which allows the vapor of the vapors to cool down before moving on to the vinyl whip. If you plan to take it along on a vacation, there is no need to worry about any damage that might result from rough handling. Simply pack it in a padded storage bag provided with the product, and you are good to go. The main problem is with whip style vaporizers is that they have tiny herbal chambers.

People want a reliable and durable vaporizer when they are shopping for one. Da Buddha is a long-lasting vaporizer. It has a ceramic heating element that produces high-quality vapor. The glass mouthpieces and body can be washed with isopropyl alcohol. Da Buddha is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which is another reason it is durable. This material is very durable and will last for many years. Da Buddha vaporizers make a great choice if you are looking for a high performance vaporizer at a very affordable price. It is also very simple to use and can be customized with different accessories.

It is easy and quick to clean.

Great Clouds

Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced stoner, da buddha vaporizer can help you get some great clouds. It’s simple to use and the temperature control dial lets you select the heat setting that produces the best vapor. Although it produces very little clouds, the vapor produced is nice and smooth. This vaporizer is an excellent choice for beginners or for those who want a reliable and long-lasting vaporizer. This vaporizer is a great option for those who want to purchase a vaporizer at an affordable price. Its rugged construction and low-cost engineering make this a great choice for vapers who are on a budget. The Da Buddha desktop vaporizer produces high-quality, dry herb vapor. It features a ceramic heating element and a glass wand that attaches to the base of the device. The borosilicate glass wand and the Alumina ceramic heating element are made from it.

Da Buddha’s acrylic and solid-aluminum casings are light and durable, and they’re also stylish. The vaporizer has infinite adjustment capabilities and can be set to heat up to 500degF. Da Buddha Vaporizer has a very simple design. This vape does not have many safety features. The ceramic heating elements heat up when they are turned on. The body’s large cylindrical shape means that the element is almost completely exposed at the top.

This is the Da Buddha-style vaporizer made in 7th Floor by the same company who made the Silver Surfer SSV and Life Saber LSV. Da budda is something I would recommend to anyone, but especially to those who enjoy the convection vape’s unique flavour. I don’t recommend trying to clean the hose, I wrecked my original one by using fairy liquid. Even after multiple rinsings it produced a taste I’ll never forget…… It looked simple at first but it gets easier as you use it more. It is a very unique vaper and some people love it. Other people prefer more feature-rich devices.

The da Buddha vaporizer can be described as one of best entry-level desktop devices on the market. The 7th Floor vapes designed the vaporizer to produce flavorful, high-quality vapour. Its ceramic heating element ensures that it will reach its optimal temperature quickly and stay there no matter how often you draw. This helps preserve the flavor and freshness of the vapor. Da Buddha vaporizers are distinguished by their stylish design. The device has a sleek design that blends in discreetly on the table. The vaporizer uses ceramic heating elements, and glass wands to produce clean, flavorful vapor.

It is easy to use

Da Buddha vaporizers are among the easiest to use dry herb vaporizers. It features a glass whip, as well as a ceramic heating elements that keeps odors from entering the vapor. This vaporizer can be used to vape flowers, wax, oils, and shatter. To use the Da Buddha vape vaporizer, simply load the herbs into a glass

Its simple design ensures it is durable with fewer parts that can break down. You can also purchase optional accessories such as mouthpieces, heating covers, and wands to cool the vape. After the huge success with Silver surfer the 7th Floor decided it was time to offer a more affordable option: Da Buddha The Da Buddha was released in 2006 and is still a top-rated herbal vaporizer. It’s worth the convection heating and ceramic heating technology.

There are many vaporizers under $200. However, none of them are as durable, simple, and easy to use as Da Buddha. This coated aluminum vape pen is strong and lightweight. It is also quick and easy for you to set it up. Now one other difference between these two that I forgot to mention which isn’t a difference as far as how they perform or anything, It’s just cosmetic.

Let me walk you through it and see which one of those two groups you belong to. Mini tubes are hand-blown and made to order. Made here in Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs by Elev8 Premiere’s glassblowing team. These are super thick with cool colors and an Elev8… This is what we consider the first mini tube ever created! Elev8 does the same with our custom-made Ice Chamber.

You just need to keep your screen clean and change it often to ensure they don’t become clogged. Keep the dust off of the top and sides of the vaporizer. If you grind your herb finely, the unit can be very efficient. You can save 15% on the cost of the herb if you use a bong or pipe instead. You can clean after use by simply blowing it off.

To ensure best results, the stainless steel screens in the vape whip and the vape tube should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. sells extra screens and vape tubes for the Da Buddha Vape. We also have accessories and parts to complete the DBV. Visit and learn more about Da Buddha’s vaporizer.

We cannot safely drop an order of high value that was paid by credit cards for fraud prevention. XpressPost and Priority shipping are also available to add to your order if you need your item in a rush. Please note, same day shipping times can be delayed due to high volume sales periods like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or 4/20. We will contact you after the order is placed for the shipping fee if it was not covered on orders under $160. Orders are packaged and processed in minutes. Please be sure to include the shipping address and all items required before you check out. Due to the speed of processing orders, we are unable to modify, edit or cancel orders once they have been submitted.

Start with the knob position in the middle, at 12 o’clock and work your way up or down in 1-hour turns. For more dank herb, the 1-o’clock knob position is best. High noon is for delicate or dried marijuana flowers. Turn the heat down and take 5-6 long shots before you consider the bowl over.

Its advanced heating system and delivery technology will ensure that vapers enjoy powerful hits packed with flavor. This desktop vaporizer will quickly become the new favorite piece in vape enthusiasts’ vape collections. 7th Floor is the company behind the Da Buddha vaporizer. They also make a variety of medical weed vaporizer models like the Silver Surfer and the Life Saber.

The Da Buddha offers great functionality and a durable vaping experience at a rock-bottom price. Final assembly is completed at the Colorado Springs Factory. The Da Buddha Vaporizer provides greater functionality for all users. The ceramic heating element reduces any risk of combustion and only gives convetive heat.

Our screens come in three sizes. Each pack includes 10 screens. These wands, which are made with a bubble just before the screen, can hold up five times as much herb. That means more vaping and less loading! This wand is perfect for vapers who enjoy the social aspect of vaping and vape with friends. 7th Floor is an American business that produces products from American and international pieces, but then assembles them in the USA. They sell their products online, through their own website or through reputable dealers. You can purchase the Da Buddha and Silver Surfer, in addition to eBay, from a variety dealers in the United States and Canada.

It is easy and convenient to store

The Da Buddha vaporizer is one of the most popular tabletop dry herb vaporizers on the market today. 7th Floor Vapes makes this model in the USA. It has a ceramic heating component that heats herbs without causing combustion. The ceramic heater is known to produce clean, pure vapors free from any toxins and odors. This makes it simple to vaporize your favorite dry herbal strains with little effort. Another great feature of the da buddha vaporizer is that it is easily stored in a handy padded bag. The da buddha vaporizer is made up of several components such as the glass mouthpiece, the glass wand and the ceramic heating element. These components can be easily cleaned by soaking them in alcohol or other cleaning solutions.

Sky High Smoke Shop acknowledges and agrees to our Terms of Use page prior to making any purchase. All units come with a lifetime warranty on ceramic heating elements The DBV comes equipped with a limited 3-year warranty which covers parts and labour costs against defects or workmanship. Warranty does NOT cover shipping costs or parts. Vape Store, South Africa’s largest online retailer for portable vaporizers and table top vaporizers, is the only authorized 7th Floor’s retailer for South Africa. This desktop model is great value for money due to its low price.

The Da Buddha vaperizer from 7th Floor can be cleaned and maintained easily. The vaporizer is available as a variety of colors including silver and black. This vape is easy in operation and has a glass mouthpiece, which prevents chemical contaminants entering the vapor. The glass wand can also be cleaned and maintained easily because it is made from glass. The Da Buddha vaporizer’s ceramic heating element is a key feature. This prevents oxidation. It allows dry herb enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite herbs without having to worry about common irritants. It is available in 110 volts for US use, and in 220-volts in Australia and Europe.

It is affordable

The da buddha vaporizer is one of the best value desktop vaporizers you can buy. It is a great choice for beginners who want to vaporize. It is easy to use and produces high-quality, safe vapor. 7th Floor, a leader in dry herb vaporizers, made Da Buddha. Its ceramic heating element, and glass wand make it a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a reliable and easy-to-use vaper. The da buddha vaporizer is a high-quality desktop vaporizer that’s simple, stylish and easy to use. The vaporizer has a ceramic heating element with a glass wand that produces delicious vapor. It is also one of the most durable vaporizers available.

This ceramic heating element, which is wafer thin, is completely inert. Da Buddha Vaporizer Warranty Information A 3 year warranty is included. SSV stands by it. Da Buddha Vaporizer uses the ceramic heating element to provide a smooth and even hit of dry herbs without causing any combustion. It uses a glass design as its mouthpiece to prevent any vapor flavor or texture altering.

The more expensive one will cost you $120, while the one that costs less is $110. If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. After the first few uses, I noticed a slight ‘new plastic’ taste. However, this quickly disappeared. This is quite normal for any vaporizer made of non-glass parts.

The Heater Cover opens for easy access. It also comes with an oil cap that can be used to drop in your concentrates. A small titanium cap sits on top your heater cover to complete this kit. This product is not suitable for vaping oils and waxes. It only works with herbs. Temperature can be adjusted by using the knob on the front of the cylindrical vaporizer. This is the first of two There are currently three main temperature regulators on the market.