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Da Buddha Vaporizers are great for anyone who wants to vape on the move. They are easy and affordable, producing high quality vapor. 7th Floor, a company specializing in creating a variety different vaporizers, has these personal vaporizers. All their products are made of American and foreign parts, but they are assembled on-site. This creates jobs in your local community. The Da Buddha and Silver Surfer models make it easy to get into vaping without spending a lot. They are very affordable and include a variety accessories that allow for customization. They feature a hands-free whip delivery system and an analog temperature dial. They also include a free padded bag to carry the device when you travel. The da buddha desktop vaporizer is a great choice. It is made from 7th Floor, the same company that makes the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It is less costly than the Silver Surfer, but still provides excellent vapor quality and clean hits.

The only maintenance that I have ever done was to clean the glass whip and mouthpiece. This is in addition to the one time when my herbs caught on fire and I had also to clean the vinyl tube. Da Buddha was first released in 2006. It is still being sold today. After many Silver Surfer lovers requesting a more affordable option 7th heaven decided to make Da Buddha. The reliable vaporizer, which has customizable glass-on–glass components, deserves to be appreciated for its ability to produce pure vapors without the danger of combustion. Made with a 19mm male Ground Glass, (GG), to fit our GG heater cover.

Da Buddha is a high-quality vaporizer made of only the finest materials today. The aluminum housing is subject to extensive refining before being anodized to give it a durable finish. Through years of hands-on testing, photos and research, I made my Da Buddha review useful. If you like my work, consider buying from my referral link so I can keep this site going. offers top-notch customer service online and I have recommended them for years. They are authorized 7th Floor dealers, so you get a valid warranty.

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. Please note that some products are subject to restrictions and cannot be shipped internationally. Grind your marijuana finely and this unit will be very efficient. Over the long-term you will save at least 15% when you smoke your herb in a bong/pipe. After a few quality herbs, you will feel zen-like after taking slow and grid-fine hits. Da Buddha will deliver thick, white clouds with cannabis vapor if you use the right approach.

I do think that the performance is average or a little above average for a desktop unit. As you watch me vaporize with this, you’ll notice that my first two draws, which you can see me taking, are actual time. I decided to shorten them all after the second draw.

This is not a common occurrence, but it does affect the aroma of the vapor. 7th Floor was inspired by such situations to tilt the cylinder of its Silver Surfer. The statements and vapes presented on this site have not been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Any comments from user submitted reviews found on this website are related

The whip vaporizer comes with a special groundglass connection. This allows for you to insert the vape wand and let it go. The hands-free operation ensures your comfort while you vape and reduces the likelihood of accidental burns. The cylindrical aluminum housing contains the mechanics at the bottom and an air intake and heating element above. They are separate. The temperature knob comes in silver but can be customized for $30. Also, directly above the knob is a happy, plump, friendly Buddha with DBV on his belly. Be aware however, that the

products. All our vaporizers are built on the ceramic heater. It has a silver knob, which is easy to use and has a satisfying on/off click. Because it’s made from thick plastic, the base feels ridged., a new online destination for brand-name accessories and gear for smoking, is dedicated to offering the best prices, selection, quality, and overall experience that you will find online. The main difference lies in the price. Da Buddha costs about a quarter of the Classic Volcano’s. Da Buddha is great for larger groups as well, no reheating with every toke, just pass around the connected mouth piece. @vapefiend I would like to buy a desk top whip vape. I am interested in the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer, but have a few questions. This unit will last a lifetime thanks to its sturdy design. Da Buddha controls aren’t digital, and there is no second, more costly digital model like the Volcano.

It is affordable Da Buddha vaporizers are stylish, durable and affordable. They can also be used with dry herbs. This aluminum vaporizer comes with a glass inhalation kit, medical silicone tube, and a glass inhalation set. It also features a ceramic heating component that heats up your herbs and prevents them from burning. Another great feature of this vaporizer is its hand-free design, which lets you use it with one hand while vaping. It comes equipped with a mouthpiece and whip wand made of ground glass. This makes it easy to load your herb and gets you started quickly. It is easy to set-up and takes only three minutes to heat up. You can adjust the temperature using the dial.

It is stylish

Easy to clean Da buddha is one the most simple to clean desktop vapes. You can easily remove the mouthpiece and endpiece, as well as the screen to wipe them down with alcohol or other cleaning solutions. Da Buddha also comes with a glass mouthpiece as well as a wand to ensure smooth vapor. The Da Buddha vaporizer is designed for regular vapers who want a reliable, simple, and effective vaporizer. It’s a great choice for people who want to enjoy dry herbs in a desktop vape, without worrying about odors and waste products. The vaporizer is made by 7th floor vapes, a company that has been known for creating quality vaporizers at affordable prices. The vaporizer is reliable, easy-to-use, and delivers great flavor. The da buddha is an excellent choice for vapers who prefer to use their vaporizers for regular uses and want a device that will last them for years. It does not have temperature display like some other vaporizers.

Are you still unsure which vaporizer you should get? Need help finding the perfect vape for your lifestyle? Check out our Vaping guide to help you choose the best vape. There is still a need for simplicity despite all of the technology being used to equip new vaporizers. This is the space the Da Buddha fills in when it vaporizes stationary space. Some people prefer simplicity and reliability to fancy features, and this vaporizer is for them.

The 7th Floor Da Buddha vaporizer is one of the most easy to clean and maintain. The vaporizer comes with a variety colors, including black and sterling. This vape is easy in operation and has a glass mouthpiece, which prevents chemical contaminants entering the vapor. The wand itself is also made from glass, making it easy for you to clean and maintain. Its ceramic heating element is an important feature to the Da Buddha vaporizer. This prevents oxidation and allows dry herbs users to enjoy their favorite herbs while avoiding common irritants. It can be bought in 110 volts to be used in the USA, or in 220-volts to be used in Australia and Europe.

It is also affordable

The da buddha desktop vaporizer is the best value. Its simple design and affordable price make it a great choice for new vaporizer users. It is easy to use, and it produces high-quality vapor that is safe for everyone. 7th Floor, a world-renowned manufacturer of dry herb vapers, makes Da Buddha. Its ceramic heating element, and glass wand make it a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a reliable and easy-to-use vaper. The da buddha is a desktop vaporizer of high quality that is stylish, simple and easy to use. To deliver delicious vapor, the vaporizer uses a ceramic heating elements and a glass wand. It also has an impressive lifespan, making it one of the most durable vaporizers on the market.

Similar to the Silver Surfer but without the hands and cylindrical shape, yet with a basic design. AKA DBV. When used with attachments, it works with a waterpipe. When you first use your QaromaShophead, please turn it off and let it heat up for 30 minutes. This will allow for the finest flavour, right from the very first hit. We inspect all QaromaShop parts to ensure that nothing is missed during quality control.

These devices can only be used for aromatherapy. Nicotine can make you addicted and create a habit. To purchase a Vaporizer, you must be at least 18 years old (21 in some cases). By using, you acknowledge and agree to abide by our Terms of Use page before making any purchase on this website. Pure It has a ceramic heating compartment, and the convection heat method is used to heat the vaporizer.

Da Buddha is available at a standard North American voltage of 110v. It can also be purchased at an Australian or European voltage and a UK voltage (both are slightly more expensive). The temperature setting can be adjusted on the vaporizer so users can choose the temperature they wish to vaporize dry herbs at. They can also experiment with different inhalation speeds to extract different tastes and effects from their input materials.

Direct-draw devices are not suitable for those with lung problems who need assistance in inhaling vaporizers. A Volcano balloon takes all the effort out of vaporizing, but it costs a lot more (over $500 as a kit). Customers of Da Buddha can draw vapor directly into the lungs themselves without any assistance. Draw vapor using a glass whip which can also be replaced when broken by visiting 7th Floor or a retailer carrying all types of models.

Even though it helps to understand the whole vaporizing process, it does take a little time to get used to and with this device you can easily ignite your herbs. Anyone who is looking for features like an integrated fan or digital display, temperature adjustment by the degree, or assisted draw, this is not the vaporizer that you want. Is there anything better? A vaping experience with clean, new gear. We recommend that the hose of your vaporizer be replaced and that all its parts are cleaned–alongside any water filtration used to ELEV8 your vaping experience -at least once a month. This kit includes the clear Wand, an easy-change screen glass, a ceramic heater and a padded travel bag. There are also three extra screens and a 3-year limited warranty. Each item is etched by a fat Buddha in place of intricate engravings.

It is simple to clean.

Da Buddha is one the easiest to clean vaporizers on the market. It can be cleaned easily with warm water, mild dishwashing liquid soap, and warm water. This will help to get rid of any oily residues that may have accumulated on the glass. This will keep them in great condition and ensure they perform at their best every time you use the vaper. The vaporizer comes with an enclosed storage bag. This will protect it against scratches and other accidental damage. When you first purchase the vaporizer, turn it on high and allow it to heat up for a few seconds. This will activate the heating elements to speed up the vaporization. This will also help. Find your “sweetspot”, which is the temperature at your personal draw rate that will allow you to reach full vaporization.

DBVs groundglass makes it possible to lock the wand securely with a twist. These 3mm Ruby Balls are used to modify the ball. They won’t melt in your heater. These temperatures are best set at around half power. You can find half of the power by turning up the dial until it reaches maximum, then turning it halfway back down.

Its advanced heating and delivery technology will ensure vapers are delighted by powerful hits that pack a punch. This desktop vaporizer will be the new favorite piece of vape equipment for users. 7th Floor is the manufacturer of the Da Buddha and other medical marijuana vaporizers, such as Silver Surfer (and the Life Saber).

The ceramic element is what makes this device stand out from many salon vaporizers. It is made with the highest quality materials to provide the best product possible. Ceramic has the same qualities as glass and does not release any toxins, even when heated to very high temperatures.

The aroma top allows you to keep your home smelling amazing with waxes and oils all day without having to interrupt your vaping experience. Elev8 Vehicles also stocks a variety of oils and waxes to complement the Da Buddhas scent top. Da Buddha, like its brother Silver Surfer the Silver Surfer also uses the durable airplane-grade aluminum. Only customers who have purchased this product and are logged into the site can write reviews.

The heater is moderately enclosed by an aluminum case to decrease your chances of burning yourself. This vaporizer is perfect for vaporizing essential oils and herbs. It’s efficient and full-flavored. Its tubular structure Its “hands free” mode allows users to use it with just one hand. The Da Buddha is protected from excessive heat by the aluminium it contains. Its heating elements are made of ceramic just like the vapors at 7th Floor. They guarantee a fresh taste, as this material is completely inert.

Keep your whip screen clean, and change screens every so often when it gets clogged. Keep dust off the top of your unit. This shouldn’t be an issue. This high powered ceramic heater it is extremely durable. 7th floor has had one of the heaters on 24/7 for many years and it continues to work. The Da Buddha Vaporizer 7th floor is powerful, durable, versatile and cheap.

Da Buddha is made from acrylic and solid aluminum and is light and durable. The vaporizer has infinite adjustment capabilities and can be set to heat up to 500degF. Da Buddha Vaporizer is a simple vape. Unfortunately, it does not have any safety features. When turned on, the ceramic heating element gets really hot. And because of the body’s wide cylindrical shape, the element lies bare near the top portion of the body.

Da Buddha Vaporizer is made from anodized aluminum. It features a ceramic heating element and a ground-glass heater cover. It’s about a foot tall, and only three pounds in weight. 7th Floor includes an easy-to-carry DBV storage bag. The 7th Floor’s entry level desktop vaporizer, Da Buddha, is the Da Buddha. The vaporizer can be adjusted with an analog knob to adjust the heat. The Da Buddha whip comes in three parts like other vape whips. However, each component is made with great care. First, there is the glass wand, which holds your dry herbs and is inserted into the space on the Da Buddha heating cover.

Ground Glass makes it easy to use the Da Buddha Vaporizer. HOW THE DA BUDDHA WORKS Simply switch on the Da Buddha and adjust the control knob to your desired temperature.

Do not overpack your product. This issue could be resolved by a simple stir in a filling chamber, but I love the fact that Da Buddha vaporizer has a well-constructed ceramic heating unit. This vape can be described as a “no frills, get the job done” desktop powerhouse.

It’s great if you can leave your car unattended for the entire day. I recommend this vape to anyone looking to get into vaping without having learnt all the tricks. We prefer 2-piece glasses wands, however, the simplicity of these is appealing. Da Buddha Vaporizers are powered with a ceramic heating element.

It has some things I don’t love about, such as the horizontal arrangement of the herb chamber. It can be annoying to keep your material flat, even in a chamber design. This makes the angled heating element of Silver Surfer a bit more appealing. We have found the Globe Perc Mini Bubbler paired with an Angled Whip Adapter provides a great solution for this. The Da Buddha Vaporizer has a 3-year warranty by Seventh Floor.

The vape can vaporize dry herbs at any temperature or speed, regardless of user preference. Users don’t have to worry about inhaling a large amount of burnt substance and leaving a bitter taste in their mouths. Da Buddha will make sure they only get the best. You can taste the dry herb inputs just as you want.

Da Buddha Vaporizer’s cylindrical design maximizes air resistance, as well as providing natural cooling for the unit. Da Buddha Vaporizer: Hands-Free Difference Da Buddha Vaporizer employs a special inverted glass vapor whip to provide a rich vaporization. The Buddha Vapor Whip is a great option because it has an easy-to-change screen. Da Buddha Vaporizer Heating Element Da Buddha VaporizervDj(tm)s ceramic heating element is fabricated from alumina ceramic, which features the same crystal formation as ruby and sapphire after the sintering process.